Martha Grigsby talked with two people this morning with Ft. Hill Gas Authority and they are making some changes regarding the installation of gas lines here in the Downs.

Wherever possible, they will be boring around 6 feet beneath all the yards where lines will be installed INSTEAD of trenching.  However, they will have to dig at least one hole at the water meter(s) in each yard to locate the water pipe that goes from meter to the street. Also, they MAY have to dig to find a power or telephone line in a few places. They will make every effort not to trench unless they run into a problem that cannot be solved otherwise.

After these digs, the clumps of grass removed will be put back in place.  Also they have a grass seed mix that they will put down.  If you do NOT want them to put the seed mix down, call JOE WILSON at 864 423 9006 and tell him so.  You will need to give him your name, street address, and perhaps a phone number.  Do that ASAP because they are beginning work to find pipes/lines on Hickory Way today.

While the bore should be beneath your irrigation systems, you are still advised to mark the sprinklers and lines due to the fact that digging will occur around your water meter(s). Martha spoke with the job supervisor this morning and he suggested that you either put flags or spray paint circles around all sprinkle heads.

Please note that this information was received from the gas company only this morning. —November 21, 2019

Ft. Hill Natural Gas installation should begin soon. Lines on Downs Blvd will be installed in the median from Downs entrance to the head of Downs Loop. On Hickory Way it will be installed on the left side of the street beginning at Downs Blvd.

The line will be installed on the right side of Keystone Lane beginning at the Hickory Way/Downs Loop intersection. On Birch Place it will be installed on the left side of the street and will go around the cul-de-sac. Upper Downs Loop line will be on the left side of the street.

All installation work will be done on the utility rights-of-way, which are controlled by the City of Clemson.  The rights-of-way extend from the street into the yards.  Ft. Hill Natural Gas Authority personnel have stated that they will bore under driveways and mailboxes but will be trenching otherwise. Trenches will be filled in and effort made not to harm planting that are on the rights-of-way, but damage may be done.

Existing utility lines have been marked in an effort not to cut any power or telephone lines as well as TV cable and water lines; however, locator equipment is not exact, and lines may be harmed in spite of efforts to avoid such.

Any damage to utility lines done by Ft. Hill Gas Authority workers will be corrected at the expense of Ft. Hill Gas Authority.  Damage to homeowner irrigation systems that are on the rights-of-way will be the responsibility of the homeowner. This is true for any utility company installations.  You can mark your system lines and sprinkler heads to alert the workmen.

November 18, 2019