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SUBJECT:  The following specification is prepared for use by the Architectural Review Committee to bring our community into conformance with the original intent of the developer.


Mailbox and post must conform to the specifications indicated in the following drawings.

The mailbox post shall be at least 8 inches square (7.5” finished size), treated for underground use and at least six feet long to provide adequate burial depth for strength and proper elevation of the mailbox to meet the local Post Office requirements. The top shall be cut to duplicate the current shape of mailbox posts (45-degree cut from the front and the back) and painted tan, dark brown, or gray with a solid stain, to match the house trim color. See the specifications listed below. All currently installed mailboxes and posts are “grandfathered” until the need for painting, replacement and/or repair are needed at which time this item shall be made to meet these current requirements.


  • Post: Treated post shall be 8” x 8” (7.5” finished size) and a minimum of 6’ long and painted to match the house siding/trim
  • Box Supports: Treated 2”x 4” x 20” boards (2) and painted to match the house siding/trim
  • Platform: Treated (or cedar) 8”x 12”x ¾” board to go under box supports and painted to match the house siding/trim
  • Box Mount: ¾” board (not shown) to go above box supports and to attach box and painted to match the house siding/trim
  • Mailbox: To be black & 12” wide

Installation of the posts may be made by a contractor of one’s choice.