What’s the difference between the Clemson Downs Property Owners Association (CDPOA) and the Clemson Area Retirement Center (CARC)?
Organized in 1980, CDPOA consists of 138 townhomes and detached single-family homes. Clemson Downs is a community of active, involved homeowners rather than one of rental property investors. All homeowners are expected to occupy purchased homes themselves. Any property rented or leased rather than owner-occupied shall be governed by strict reporting requirements. Common property, including a gazebo for social events and a trail called Woodland Walk over a creek, are maintained by the Association. CDPOA is governed by an elected Board of Directors which maintains common properties, enforces covenants, approves exterior changes to homes, publishes an annual telephone directory and a monthly newsletter, and arranges for regular social gatherings. Annual membership dues are collected in the spring, and homeowners have access to an optional group cable TV contract on favorable terms.

CDPOA properties surround the Clemson Area Retirement Center (CARC), a separate but collaborating community, made up of an independent living apartment complex, assisted living facilities, a memory care unit, and a skilled nursing health care center. CDPOA members have access to CARC library and reading room facilities, a beauty shop, exercise and rehabilitation facilities, and meeting and dining facilities. CDPOA members can join the wellness (exercise) center for a fee. In addition, Movie Nights are open to all.

Are there homes for sale or rent at Clemson Downs? How do I get more information?

If CDPOA members wish, they may advertise their homes for sale or rent on this website. There may be other houses available for sale or rent, but this site lists only those that have been submitted to the webmaster by a CDPOA member or family member. Click HERE for information about homes listed for sale through the CDPOA website. Click HERE for information about homes listed for rent.

To submit an advertisement for your home sale, contact Anne Snider or Walt Castro. Please submit a flyer or a narrative with interesting details about the home as well as pictures of the inside and outside of the home.

How do I dispose of yard waste?
There is a disposal site for property owners only at the end of Bayberry. Please deposit yard waste to the right of the driveway, not on the driveway.  Please remind your private contractors that they must remove all yard waste they create from the Downs community.

How do I get assistance if my trash can is too heavy for me to roll up (or down) my driveway to the street?

Call the City of Clemson Public Works Department at 653-2053 or email clackey@cityofclemson.org. Give them your full name, street address, and phone number and the city will paint a dot on the street near your driveway. You only have to place the trash can and recycling bin in front of the garage and they will come down the driveway to get it.

 If my neighbor’s tree is overhanging my yard, do I have the right to cut the overhanging limbs?

Yes, but you can’t go on your neighbor’s property to do it.  You have to do it from your own property. It’s always a good idea to talk to your neighbor first, but you are within your rights.

What options are available for TV and internet?
The CDPOA has negotiated a special rate for homeowners with Vyve Cable TV. Additional packages can be added, and normal internet rates will apply. Contact Eldon Blust at 864-710-5224 if you have any questions. If there is a service issue, contact Vyve Cable TV directly at 654-7201 or toll-free at 888-667-8452. Other TV and internet providers include AT&T, DirecTV, and Dish Network.

My street light is burned out; who do I contact?
Street lights in Clemson Downs are serviced by Duke Energy. Request a service call at the Duke Energy site.

 I need physical or occupational therapy. Are there any choices at Clemson Downs?
If physical or occupational therapy is recommended by your doctor and covered by insurance, you can schedule therapy through Genesis Rehabilitation. Their office is in the Health Care Center and their facilities are located in the lower level of the Corley Center. For more information, call 722-9059 or visit the Genesis page.

 What dining options are available at Clemson Downs?
CDPOA members can dine in the Clemson Area Retirement Center (CARC) dining hall for lunch any day. Reservations should be made the day before. Breakfast is $12 and lunch is $14. Sunday or holiday lunch cost is $17. Tickets can be purchased from the receptionist at the CARC main building, Building C. Call the CARC office at 654-1155, extension 219 and ask for Gabby if you have a large group.

In the evening, Clemson Downs offers The Bistro, a popular spot located in the Dogwood Room, adjacent to the main dining room, where you can enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine while enjoying a freshly made sandwich. The Bistro is open Wednesday, and Thursday from 4 – 7 p.m. and is a great place to relax and socialize with friends! No reservation is necessary unless you plan a large group.

For more information about CARC dining, visit the CARC dining information page.

What about home delivery?
TigersTogo offers home delivery from many downtown and Clemson area restaurants for a minimal fee of $2.99 for the first 3 miles and $0.80 per mile after that. Most restaurants have a minimum order. Order directly from their website at TigersTogo.

Is public transportation available near Clemson Downs?
Currently discussions are underway to add stops along Berkeley Drive, but at this time there are no stops near Clemson Downs. However, the Clemson Area Transit system (CAT), the largest free public transportation system in the country, has routes to many distant locations. Check out the Catbus website.

In addition, CARC (Clemson Area Retirement Center) operates a shuttle to local events and locations. CDPOA members may ride the van provided there are empty seats. Contact the main CARC office at 654-1155 for more information.