Latest information, April 27, 2020

The Gazebo is now reopened for Clemson Downs residents only. Until further notice please do not invite guests to the area. We are also not taking reservations for gazebo use at this time. A maximum of eight (8) people is allowed inside at any one time until further notice. The social distancing rule applies. Everyone must maintain a separation of six (6) feet between persons. The Gazebo closes at sunset each evening. No audio devices are allowed.

CARC remains on lockdown. Please respect that decision and do not venture onto any CARC property for any reason.

Until further notice, because of the closing of the CARC campus and social distancing requirements, board and committee meetings will be held via Zoom online. Unfortunately, there is no allowance for people outside the board and committees to join the meetings, but if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact one of the board members or committee chairs ahead of the meeting. When we are able to resume in-person meetings, the board of directors will once again meet in the large meeting room of the Corley Center. POA members are always welcome to attend those in-person meetings.

From Clemson Downs Property Owners Association Board of Directors, April 6, 2020
Today we were notified that ALL CARC property has been closed to CDPOA members and the general public. We have been asked to alert you to the fact that you cannot visit anyone living there nor are you to be walking, biking, running, etc. on the property until further notice. The decision was made in an effort to keep everyone at Clemson Downs free from the C-19 virus.
 Please know that our Common Property is still open to you, except for the Gazebo and Garden House. When walking your dog, please remember to clean up after your pet. 
CARC is allowing POA residents/owners to continue to access the yard waste site at end of Bayberry Lane during this time of quarantine. Yard care workers have never had access.  They are to remove all debris to off-site locations.

From CARC, April 1, 2020
This information is for the independent living apartments, memory care, assisted living, and health care, not for the members of the POA, but you need to know what is being done to keep everyone safe.

From James Hill: COVID-19 Update:
It is more important than ever than you remain inside and DO NOT bring anyone into the building! You are allowed to get out and walk YOUR HALLWAY!!! Please contain yourself to the building you live in. The best option is to continue to self isolate to your apartment as much as possible. The second best option is to go out only to exercise, do laundry and take your trash to the trash / recycle room. Here are a few things we are doing to help you during this time:
Mail Delivery and Pick Up—Mail will be delivered and placed in the wall pocket outside of your door each day. All outgoing mail may be placed in the wall pocket for pick up.
Newspaper Delivery—If you are not receiving your newspaper, please contact the carrier as we are delivering all they drop off at the front office.
Meal Delivery—Between 11:00—1:00 daily. Low salt plate options available. Grocery Pick Up—Please write your order, IN PRINT, and place it in the wall pocket outside of your office.
Prescription Pick Up—Please let Donna know if you have medication that needs to be picked up.
FOR THOSE WHO ARE SELF ISOLATING AND REMAINING IN YOUR APARTMENT: We will continue to do your laundry and trash pick up. Please make sure the administration knows if you need these services.
Payments may be placed in the wall pocket outside of your apartment. We will deliver it to the business office.
All activities and exercise classes have been canceled until further notice. We hope to have hall activities in place soon!

Latest update, March 24, 2020

Beginning immediately the CDPOA Board of Directors is canceling all scheduled meetings and gatherings under its auspices until further notice.  This includes all board and committee meetings, First Friday, Saturday Breakfast, POA Spring Dinner, etc.

The Gazebo and Garden House are closed to EVERYONE as well. 

The board and committee members will handle emergencies via phone or email.  All ARC applications will be processed under the usual guidelines with recommendations and approvals given by phone or email. Should something have to be handled in person by board or committee members, Martha Grigsby, President of the CDPOA, will be notified beforehand.

CARC has closed all Health Care Divisions to visitors and has recommended that all persons in Independent Living (the Apartments) not leave the premises and not have visitors.  Further, they are recommending that all persons stay in their units.

From James Hill, Director, Clemson Area Retirement Center, March 10, 2020

Effective immediately: Clemson Downs is currently suspending any and all activities, wellness programs, meetings, volunteer efforts, monthly breakfasts, and visits to the Bistro and dining room until further notice. This will affect volunteers, First Fridays, Saturday Breakfasts, and the Spring Social as well as any use of meeting rooms, activity rooms, and the dining hall. We appreciate all of our property owners and greatly appreciate your understanding. Please love us enough not to visit.

Here at Clemson Downs, we love our family members, volunteers, property owners, and visitors.  We also love our residents and do everything in our capacity to keep them safe from avoidable harm.  This love requires us to make this very important request. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation. 

Please be mindful of where you visit so that you may remain healthy, and let’s all hope this passes quickly so that life may return to normal. The health and safety of our loved ones is our number one priority.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Administration at 864-654-1155.

To get the best, most reliable, most recent information, check out the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website at For the latest information on South Carolina’s efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus, visit