We have been asked about the nominating process for the current year. The current bylaws make no provision for additional nominations, but the proposed revisions to the bylaws for 2019 will offer opportunities for additional nominations.

There are currently six vacancies on the board. To make the election more open, the Board and the Nominating Committee decided after the Town Hall meeting to solicit additional nominees from the members at large. Three candidates were nominated by POA members. Those names are also included on the ballot.

Please read the bios carefully. You will also receive a copy of all this information, as well as information about proposed bylaws changes and the proposed 2019 budget, in a packet of information mailed to you the week of November 19. If you do not receive a packet of information in the US Mail by November 21, please contact Linda Cocke.

We need a quorum of POA members to approve any changes, so please thoughtfully review the information and return your ballot, along with your emergency contact and telephone directory/committee participation sheet, in the enclosed self-addressed, stamped envelope. Thank you.

Holley Ulbrich, CD POA president

The posted bios and ballot are for informational purposes only. Please fill out and return the ballot and other information sheets found in your packet by December 1. Thank you!

Bios and ballot for 2019