Please submit reminders or other appropriate items that may be of interest to the Clemson Downs property owners to Walt Castro at

POA Residents/Members, (From Sandy Waskowski Yates, POA President) 01/15/2021

Cars on Berkley have been broken into and the villains are stealing garage door openers.  In some cases, this will allow them entry into your house if your door is unlocked.  Guard your garage door opener!


POA Residents/Members,  (From Susan Robinette, ARC Chair) 01/15/2021

The ARC Yard of the Month Committee plans to begin selecting winners again in March.  We are all looking forward to Spring! 


POA Residents/Members, (From Anne Snider) 01/13/2021


Please do not invite others to the scheduled CDPOA COVID Vaccine Clinic!! This clinic is for CDPOA members ONLY!

James Hill and his staff at CARC have been fielding many, many calls all day. If people continue to call CARC, our scheduled clinic will be cancelled!!
People who are NOT CDPOA members will need to contact Walgreen’s or Ingles or CVS or one of the other locations for COVID Vaccines. To find where the vaccine will be administered in your area, go to this site:

POA Residents/Members, (From Sally Yates, POA President) 01/02/2021

You can get a free COVID test. Follow the link below and read carefully to follow all directions. This is for Clemson community members only, not for Clemson employees or students.
Accurate, timely testing is a powerful tool to help a community turn the tide of COVID-19 locally. The Clemson Community COVID Testing project aims to make this convenient for you and is free. This is an unbelievable opportunity.
Consider testing for these reasons:
1) Test to diagnose illness if you have symptoms of any viral illness – COVID can present in many ways
2) Test due to possible close contact exposure to COVID-19. CDC supports being released from the 2-week quarantine early on day 7 from exposure if you have a negative test on day 5,6, or later from known exposure. This allows you to return to work and life sooner in most cases. Pickens County School district is strongly encouraged to update its quarantine for exposure policies.
3) TEST BECAUSE YOU CAN! -this is the most powerful opportunity.

POA Residents/Member, (From Ruthie Millar) 12/30/2020.  Latest COVID report from CARC:

Happy New Year!  I hope this email finds you all well and staying safe and healthy.

As of this email, there are currently three positive resident cases in healthcare. There are no positive cases in Creekside Cottage or Assisted Living D-Bldg. There is one reported positive case in Independent Living.

Our residents and staff received the first of the two-step Moderna vaccine yesterday with the second dose being administered in late January. With this vaccine comes the hope that our lives will slowly resume their normalcy.

Here’s to a brighter 2021!!!


POA Residents/Members, (FromAnne Snider) 12/14/2020

The Waugamans of 327 Kendra Place have won the December Christmas/Holiday Yard Decor of the Month Award! Congratulations, Janet and Chuck!! Merry Christmas!



POA Residents/Members, (From Anne Snider) 12/11/2020

At least one POA member has received a scam call about Social Security. So please remember:

“The Social Security Administration uses emails, text messages, and social media to provide information on our programs and services. We will not, however, request personal or financial information through these methods. Sometimes, we send emails with information that is particular to your needs, usually after a discussion with you in person or over the phone. When Social Security makes phone contact, it is often to confirm the legitimacy of claims.

It is important to beware of scammers pretending to be from Social Security. Reports about fraudulent phone calls from people claiming to be from Social Security continue to increase, and recent reports have indicated unknown callers are using increasingly threatening language in these calls. If you receive a suspicious call from someone alleging to be from Social Security, hang up, and then report details of the call to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) at” — From the Social Security website


POA Residents/Members, (From Anne Snider) 12/10/2020

Please remember that only the brush you cut from your yard is allowed in the brush trash at the end of Bayberry. If you paid someone to cut it for you, they must take it with them off Downs property!  
Please DO NOT put yard trash on the concrete! I have called the City twice this week and we are on the current pick-up route but it may be as much as 3 more weeks. They did send the leaf truck today but because leaves were mixed in with everything else, they couldn’t pick up on Bayberry.
The City is behind again because people put unauthorized material in their brush and now the brush grinder is awaiting repair again. This requires a 1 hour round trip to the Pickens dump for each truckload.  Help us all to follow the rules so this does not happen again.
If necessary, we will look into a camera to make certain that contractors do not use our brush repository.

POA Residents/Members, (From Anne Snider) 11/19/2020

The Median Improvement Committee makes the following request of all CDPOA members… to keep you from clogging our stormwater drains and flooding your yard! Residents may not rake or blow leaves from their yards or street into a median. All leaves and other materials must be picked up or directed elsewhere. Our medians are an integral part of the Downs’ stormwater management system, and it is a violation of state and federal laws to deposit anything other than stormwater into the system. These materials result in clogging of storm drains, causing the drains to overflow during significant rains and flood our properties. So, take a moment and take note. And if you hire an outside contractor to handle your yard, please inform them of this regulation. This is not a Downs regulation. This is codified in state and federal regulations.  Thanks! 

POA Residents/Members, (From Anne Snider) 04/18/2020
Here’s today’s tip for finding the information you need on our website. In today’s climate of social distancing, correct, timely, and factual information is more important than ever. So I wanted to make sure you know how to get what you need and want to know about our neighborhood.
Do you know someone who wants to join the Downs neighborhood? Are you considering selling your home? The neighborhood website ( or lists homes for sale or rent that have requested to be listed. Go to the website and click on Our Community and then Homes for Sale or Rental Information
If you want to list your home for sale, you can send the particulars plus photos to Anne Snider at Make sure to include price and contact information.
If you want to list your home for rent, all the information, including requirements and forms to fill out, is on the Rental Information page.
POA Residents/Members, (From Anne Snider) 03/30/2020 
In today’s climate of social distancing, correct, timely, and factual information is more important than ever. So I wanted to make sure you know how to get what you need and want to know about our neighborhood.
The neighborhood website is or Some cell phones and tablets work better with the .org address than the .com address, but both have the same information.
For example, to read the most recent copy of the Communicator, click on this link or go to the website and choose Our Community–Newsletter–The Communicator.
To see who the members of the Board of Directors and the committee chairs are, click on the link below or go to the website and click on About CDPOA–Board of Directors.
Recent emails and notices are found in the Bulletin Board. Click on the link below or go to the website and choose Bulletin Board from the links at the top.
I’ll send you more tips and locations soon. And, as always, you can contact your board representative with questions.
POA Residents/Members,
(From Susan Robinette, Chair, Architectural Review Committee) 03/10/20
If you do not have or know of a handyman or contractor for your home project(s), your POA Board suggests contacting our local hardware, paint, or home improvement stores. Several of them maintain lists of people who are qualified and willing to work. You can also join Nextdoor Clemson at and ask your neighbors throughout Clemson for their recommendations. 
POA Residents/Members,(From Linda Cocke)
Dogs MUST be kept on a leash and picked up after. The city has signs up in the Downs with notification that there is a city leash and dog pick up law, that includes a $275.00 fine for those in violation of this city law.  Please be mindful that dog ‘do’ in the green areas often create messy situations for walkers and the mowers.  Thank you for cooperating and for reminding visitors.

POA Residents/Members,


1. Have recycling bin at curbside by 7:00 a.m. on collection day and remove from street by sundown on collection day.

2. All recyclables must be placed in your recycle bin.

3. Acceptable material:

No. 1 & No. 2 Plastic and All No. 1 Plastics
All No. 2 HDPE/ milk jugs only
All tin cans and aluminum cans
Glass(brown, green, and clear)
Leave all labels on containers
Rinse all items and remove caps/lids from all containers


All plastic 1-5 accepted. (Look on the bottom of the plastic containers to find the number)
White or colored computer printout.
White or colored ledger paper.
White or colored letterhead/business forms and copy paper.
Telephone books, message pads, envelopes, magazines, and junk mail.

Used oil can be placed at curbside on the same day as your regular garbage pick up. Call the Public Works Department at 864.653.2053 and request an oil recycling container. This container is placed under your vehicle to allow the oil to drain directly into it as it drains from your vehicle. Turn the oil filter upside down in the oil recycle container to allow the oil to drain from the filter. Once it has drained wrap the oil filter in a plastic bag and sit it on top of the oil container at the curbside. An empty one will be left in its place if one is available on the recycle truck.