Please submit reminders or other appropriate items that may be of interest to the Clemson Downs property owners to the CDPOA Webmaster, Walt Castro, at

POA Residents & Members,

There have been a few questions regarding who can ride the CARC van. POA residents can ride the CARC van to events provided there are empty seats. There are no other restrictions.

POA Residents & Members,

The following is from John Gilreath, Chair of the Architecutral Review Committee.

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) of the Clemson Downs Property Owners Association (CDPOA) wishes to remind all of the residents that any construction, additions, modifications, or maintenance on houses must be reviewed by the ARC and approved by the CDPOA Board before these changes may be started. This includes, among other changes, repainting (even the same color), re-roofing, replacing gutters, repairing siding, replacing/repairing mailbox posts, etc. The form for requesting approval of work to be done can be downloaded from the web site ( or or may be obtained from the chairman of the ARC (1022 Keystone Lane, 654-4300) or a member of the ARC. The vast majority of requests are approved readily by the Board at its meeting on the second Tuesday of the month, but the requests must be made nonetheless.

Reminder: The ARC meets the Thursday prior to the monthly (second Tuesday) CDPOA Board meeting

POA Residents/Members,

Please remember that dog walkers should not allow their pets to “pee or poop” on other homeowners property. If the dogs need to do their business, walk them around your own property first. Some property owners do not want dogs to use their yards even if it is picked up. In addition, dog urine can be toxic to plants and grass.
A lot of this may be from dog walkers that are from neighboring communities.  This would also fall under the category of respecting other people’s property.


POA Residents/Members,(From Linda Cocke)

Please be aware of calls from the area code of 809. According to Snopes this is an old scam but occasionally resurfaces.

The Better Business Bureau strongly recommends that no matter how consumers are approached, if they are asked to respond to an “809” area code call, they should investigate further or simply disregard the message. (There is, of course, nothing wrong with talking to people who live in this area code if you happen to know them. All cautions regarding the 809 code apply only to solicitations to contact folks unknown to you.) If you have to call a number in an area code that’s unfamiliar to you, you can use an Area Decoder to check it out first.

POA Residents/Members,

We need a couple people to be in charge of our Christmas party next year.  The Portnows are going to ‘do’ the Spring dinner, but cannot do both. They don’t get back here until November and so there won’t enough time to get ready for the Christmas party

Also need someone who would do the flyers for First Friday and monthly breakfast.

If you can help, please contact Elaine Cameron: at 843-697-2088 or

POA Residents /Members, (From Linda Cocke)

I can not find anything on but CBS is reporting a phone scam. If you receive a phone call from someone asking “can you hear me,” hang up. You’re a potential victim in the latest scam circulating around the U.S. It is actually a variation on earlier scams aimed at getting the victim to say the word “yes” in a phone conversation. That affirmative response is recorded by the fraudster and used to authorize unwanted charges on a phone or utility bill or on a purloined credit card.

A reasonable response to any questions is: “Who are you, and why do you want to know?” Or simply turn the tables on them and say “Hello, hello, I can’t hear you. Then hang up.
If the caller maintains they are with a government agency — Social Security, the IRS, the Department of Motor Vehicles or the court system — hang up immediately. Government officials communicate by mail, not phone (unless you initiate the call). Many con artists use the aegis of authority to convince you to keep talking. The longer you talk, the more likely you are to say something that will allow them to make you a victim.

POA Residents/Members,

Some may not know that you can get a variety of music on your televisions…even with Basic NCTV channels. Enter 58.60 on your TV (I don’t have a box…that may make a difference) and scrolling up as far as 58.90. Each channel in between provides you with various genres of music.  For those with HD, the music channels go from 900 to 950.

POA Residents/Members, (From POA Landscape Committee)

CARC and the POA landscape committee have been working to find a workable plan to handle yard waste. The dumpster at the end of Bayberry has been removed,and a new area, a section off Downs Blvd on CARC property next to the pine tree area has been designated. This area for yard waste is for residents and for the CARC landscaping maintenance personnel. Your contracted yard mowers, pruners, etc. MAY NOT place your own or anyone else’s yard waste there. They must remove any grass cuttings, tree clippings, leaves from the entire Clemson Downs area. Please remind your employed yard person(s) of this policy. The city has requested that leaves not be mixed with tree cuttings. There are two different waste removal trucks that are used for removing yard waste, one for leaves and one for sticks, branches, etc. For those residents in Area 1-4, the yard waste may also be placed at the end of Downs Loop in the designated area near the cul-de-sac. Again, this dumping area is for homeowners who are handling their own leaf and yard waste removal…NOT their contracted worker. Please do not place your yard clippings on any area other than your own property or the designated sites. Please be mindful that yard clippings may scatter on to resident’s yards if they are not placed properly.
Thank you all for your cooperation.

POA Residents/Members,(From Linda Cocke)

Please be aware that there may be someone wanting to give you a quote on yard work. I received a call from a homeowner who just had someone come to her door. She told the young woman that solicitation was not allowed at The Downs and that signs were posted. Not sure if she/they have left the neighborhood or will show up as other houses.

If you are looking to hire someone please ask your neighbors or friends who they use.

POA Residents/Members,(From Linda Cocke)

I don’t know how many of you use Skype, but fake ads are appearing on the Skype opening screen that can trigger or download malware. The takeaway is, “Don’t click on ads or upgrade notices on Skype”. See link below for more information:

POA Residents/Members, (From Elaine Cameron)

First Friday for July 7. Need volunteers. Could YOU help? Call Elaine at 843-697-2088 if you can help.
First Friday for August 4 are John and Ann Gilreath in the gazebo unless it’s too hot.

POA Residents/Members,

Concern has been expressed about lawn mowing in the early evening hours, which makes it difficult for neighbors to enjoy their patio or screened porch. The Board just asks that you please be considerate of the times that your lawn is mowed.

POA Residents/Members,(Landscape Committee)

The city yard waste trucks are doing their very best to get to all the streets and neighborhoods to pick up yard waste. They are behind because of all the rain, and the last windstorm created many downed branches and trees. Many neighborhoods are as anxious about getting their yard waste picked up as soon as possible. The city makes every effort to be here weekly.  Thank you for your patience.

POA Residents/Members,(From Linda Cocke)

If you are a Korean War Veteran or know someone who is, you may be eligible for the South Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal. To be eligible, the veteran must have served in Korea during the period from June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953. It is also available for the veterans who participated in UN peacekeeping operations until the end of 1955.  To establish eligibility, you need a copy of your DD 214 and the application form. There is no fee or cost to the family or veteran.  For further information and a copy of the application form, contact Joe Cocke at

POA Residents/Members,

I (Ann Fuhr) have a petition for a two year moratorium on further building in Downtown Clemson while further study is done on the strain on the public services and infrastructure of Clemson, traffic issues, the economic viability of non-student businesses downtown, etc. There are petitions circulating in the neighborhoods in Clemson that will be presented to the City Council, Clemson City Administration, and the Planning Commission. If anyone would like to sign this petition, and has not already signed through Next Door, I (Ann Fuhr) will bring it to you for your signature or you can stop by my house.

Thank you
Ann Fuhr
1017 Keystone Lane

POA Residents/Members, (From Linda Cocke)

I have just received an email from a resident that the password manager OneLogin has been hacked. If you are using this software see the article below:

POA Residents/Members,

Clemson Downs features a 4th of July “parade” for the benefit of its residents. Firetrucks from the city lead a group of walkers, golf carts, kazoo players and others around the upper parking lot for about 1/2 hour. People wave flags, cheer the paraders and generally have a grand time. For many residents, this is the highlight of the year.

The last few years we have also featured a small ensemble in the gazebo in the middle of the square. We need a few more musicians to fill this group. The music is very, very simple; Yankee Doodle, etc. Talent is optional; enthusiasm is required. If you would like to help please some seniors and help celebrate the birth of the nation, consider spending an hour “blowing your horn”. The “parade” will be about a 1/2 hour at 10 or 10:30 with a complimentary lunch at 11:30.

Please call John Witmer at Clemson Downs for details. (864-654-6644) or email at

POA Residents/Members,(From Linda Cocke)

I just got a call from one of our residents. A friend of hers in another neighborhood was broken into and her jewelry stolen. Also, don’t forget to lock your cars if you leave them out. Be safe.

POA Residents/Members,(From Linda Cocke)

I learned today that Allen Wood, 318 Downs Blvd., fell last weekend and broke his hip. Today he will leave AnMed and move to the National Healthcare Corporation Rehab facility –  Room 412A, 1501 E. Greenville Street, Anderson 29621.

POA Residents/Members,

Harry Sutton will be out of town beginning June 30th and returning July 9th. If you have Northland Cable and have any issues that arise during this time period you will need to contact Northland Cable directly.

POA Residents/Members,(From Linda Cocke)

Once again it’s time to remind everyone about scam phone calls.

I got one last week about a meeting for timeshare holders. When I asked which one, the caller told me he didn’t have that information. I hung up.

I also got another call and the number showed up with a prefix of “654”. When I answered it was a recording and I hung up. When I went to Reverse Phone Lookup it gave me a name for the number. Problem was I knew the person whose name was showing and they had died in 2012. When I called the number it said the number had been disconnected.

This morning at church a POA resident told me she had gotten the “grandparent” call. It was supposedly from a grandson and when she asked which one he told her to guess. She has no grandsons but she played along for a while.

Another resident just sent me an email about getting one from the IRS threatening to sue her.

Scammers are coming up with ways to scramble numbers and names so make sure you know who you are talking to. If it seems legit I tell them to send the info to me by mail. If they are legit and have my phone number they probably know my mailing address so I don’t even give them that info.

Stay safe.