Please submit reminders or other appropriate items that may be of interest to the Clemson Downs property owners to Walt Castro at
POA Residents/Members (From Linds Cocke) 04/19/2019
If you have questions about how our Common Property is being mowed with respect to your property lines, do not contact the persons doing the mowing.  Instead, contact the Chair of the Common Properties Committee, Fritz Briggs:, 654-2769  But, before you do so, please be sure you have located the survey pins for your property lines.
POA Residents/Members,(From Linds Cocke) 04/15/2019
Our next breakfast will be this Saturday, April 20th.  Your area caller will be in contact with you sometime this week to make reservations.  Our speaker  is Margaret Thompson who will talk about Clemson Paw Partners, a volunteer organization dedicated to helping save the lives of animals.  Funds raised are used to help animals in low income households through low or no-cost spay and neuter services and other medical care treatments.  See Calendar of Events for more details.
CARC Main Dining Room at 8:30 am

Full Breakfast: $10 per person

   Continental Breakfast: $6.50
   Payable by check only, made out the CARC
POA Residents/Members (From Susan Sitaraman) 04/14/2019
The following is sent on behalf of the Clemson Downs Volunteers
The Clemson Downs Resident Council would like to start a DVD library in the Clemson Downs library.  If you have any DVDs that you would like to donate, please leave in the volunteer office.
Thank you!
POA Residents/Members (From Linda Cocke) 04/19/2019,
If you have questions about how our Common Property is being mowed with respect to your property lines, do not contact the persons doing the mowing.  Instead, contact the Chair of the Common Properties Committee, Fritz Briggs:, 654-2769  But, before you do so, please be sure you have located the survey pins for your property lines.

POA Residents/Members 02/19/2019

For Rent:  42 Hickory Way, 2 bedrooms, two baths, LR, DR, kitchen, sunroom, single car garage.  All appliances furnished.  No smokers, no pets.  $1,000 per month, plus $1,000 fully refundable security deposit.  Contact Patsy Nutt at (803) 530-9114 or

POA Residents/Members 02/04/2019
The Clemson Alzheimer’s Support Group meets at The Downs in the Corley Center on the first Wednesday of each month at 2:00 p.m..   The speakers this month will be from a home care agency that provides assistance for all types of needs, and they have a focus on matching care providers with Parkinson’s patients.  The meetings are open to anyone dealing with Alzheimer’s or any type dementia.
For more information, please contact Gail Marion at or 356-1174.
POA Residents/Members, (Sent on behalf of CARC) 02/04/2019
Parkinson’s Disease Exercise Class Starts Today
The first in a regular series of exercise classes for persons with Parkinson’s Disease will be held today, February 1, at 3 PM in the lower level, Corley Center. The class will be led by Ana Olvera, Wellness Director. We are teaming with the Greenville Area Parkinson Society (GAPS) to enable these programs.
Please share this information with friends who deal with Parkinson’s in their lives. The program is open to the Clemson community and is not limited to Downs residents.
POA Residents/Members, (From President Martha Grigsby) 01/29/2019
In May of 2018 the South Carolina Homeowners Association Act passed into law here in our state.  This law speaks to three groups: The Governing Boards of all Associations, the South Carolina Consumer Affairs Division, and the Residential Homeowners of any Homeowners Association.
It is important that you familiarize yourself with the entire law. Of particular importance to you is the section dealing with Residential Homeowners. You have new RESPONSIBILITIES under this law BEFORE you SELL your house or townhouse.
To read this law in its entirety, go to GOOGLE and type in SOUTH CAROLINA HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, then CLICK on 2017-2018 BILL 3886: HOMEOWNER’S ASSOCIATIONS-SC.  Also, you will find the entire law on our CDPOA Website under “important Information.”
POA Residents/Members, (From Linda Cocke), 01/25/2019
After returning home today, I had a message on my phone.  It was from a women saying that she might be able to lower my cable costs.  She gave me “her name” but did not identify what company she was associated with.  Also gave me a reference number.  The number she said to call and the number she called from were not the same.  On Reverse Phone Lookup it stated that it was a high possibility of spam.  If you have cable through our Northland Cable contract they will not call you directly.  Please share with neighbors who do not have email but may have cable.
POA Residents/Members,(From Linda Cocke)
Please be aware of the latest scam.  A so-called courier company will call saying they have a package to deliver and asking if you will be home.  If come to your home they will then say the gift contains alcohol and there is a delivery charge.  They will then inform you that you must pay by credit card.  Do not let them swipe your card.  Decline the package.
Have a merry Christmas and stay safe.
POA Residents/Members,(From Linda Cocke)
Dogs MUST be kept on leash and picked up after. CARC has placed two new locations for doggie pick up  bags- one on the corner of Downs Loop and Downs Blvd. and the other on the flood plain area. The city has signs up in the Downs with notification that there is a city leash and dog pick up law, that includes a $275.00 fine for those in violation of this city law.  Please be mindful that dog ‘do’ in the green areas often create messy situations for walkers and the mowers.  Thank you for cooperating and for reminding visitors.

POA Residents/Members,(From Linda Cocke)

The CDPOA directory is now available online and will be updated as soon as new residents move in or current residents move out. You can find the link to the directory on the CDPOA website ( or under Our Community.

When you reach the directory page, you will be asked to enter a password (this prevents anyone outside the CDPOA from accessing the directory). Please contact  Linda Cocke to obtain the password.  Please do not share this password with anyone who is not a Clemson Downs Property Owner. We will not share the directory information with anyone outside CDPOA.

There are two directories–one organized by last name and one organized by street address. The revision date of the directory is listed on the directory page. You can download the latest edition of the directory if you wish.

POA Residents/Members,


1. Have recycling bin at curbside by 7:00 a.m. on collection day and remove from street by sundown on collection day.

2. All recyclables must be placed in your recycle bin.

3. Acceptable material:

No. 1 & No. 2 Plastic and All No. 1 Plastics
All No. 2 HDPE/ milk jugs only
All tin cans and aluminum cans
Glass(brown, green, and clear)
Leave all labels on containers
Rinse all items and remove caps/lids from all containers


All plastic 1-5 accepted. (Look on the bottom of the plastic containers to find the number)
White or colored computer printout.
White or colored ledger paper.
White or colored letter head/business forms and copy paper.
Telephone books, message pads, envelopes, magazines, and junk mail.

Used oil can be placed at curbside on the same day as your regular garbage pick up. Call the Public Works Department 864.653.2053 and request an oil recycle container. This container is placed under your vehicle to allow the oil to drain directly into it as it drains from your vehicle. Turn the oil filter upside down in the oil recycle container to allow the oil to drain from the filter. Once it has drained wrap the oil filter in a plastic bag and sit it on top of the oil container at curbside. An empty one will be left in its place, if one is available on the recycle truck.


POA Residents/Members,(From Linda Cocke)

Since we have several new residents, this is a good time to remind all our members that they can take advantage of two CARC services that are open to POA members.

The Bistro at the far end of the dining hall is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4 to 7 and serves appetizers, soups, salads and sandwiches.

We are also welcome to attend the weekly Friday movie at 2 m in the large room at the Corley Center. Many of you may particularly be interested in the movie on February 23rd, Victoria and Abdul with Judi Dench as an aging Victoria. List of movies each month is in the CARC Newsletter.

POA Residents/Members,

Volunteers are desperately needed for the health center. Places are available as receptionists, servers in the Sun Room, visitors and water pourers Positions are also available in Assisted Living. All of these can done once a week, once a month, two hour or three hour shifts. These positions provide each server with a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, make friends or visit with old friends, and make life a little more interesting for those who are not as free. The work is relatively easy, but the reward is priceless. If interested please call or text Wendy Longo, phone 722-5477.

POA Residents/Members,(From Ann Fuhr)

Doing some early spring cleaning? Box up your items and CD volunteers will come fetch. Furniture, too. Have some treasures ? We provide tax forms for your record of donations. Your contributions help the volunteers provide for needs in assisted living and health care at CARC. That, along with Volunteer hours, helps keep costs down for CARC residents . Call Susan Sitaraman 633-9032. or Ann Fuhr 888-7321 for pick up or information.

DID YOU KNOW?—The Clemson Downs Volunteers have equipment to loan to assist all residents in their disability needs or as they recover from surgery. We have wheelchairs, porta-potties, walkers, canes, transfer chairs, knee scooters etc. on loan for your use when needed. Do you have similar equipment you wish to donate? Call the numbers given above.  Thank you all for your support of the volunteers and the store.