Please submit reminders or other appropriate items that may be of interest to the Clemson Downs property owners to Walt Castro at

POA Residents/Members,

The Bistro will be closed June the 28th and the week of the 4th July.  Thank you..

Lisa Chapman, Director of Food and Nutrition

LISAC@CLEMSONDOWNS.COM or 864-907-1235 OR 654-1155 EXT.218

POA Residents/Members,(From Linda Cocke)

Would anyone like to come and help the residents at CARC’s annual 4th of July parade? Depending upon response, more than likely you will either escort a resident and sit with them during the parade, or push them in the parade. Either way, a one-to-one activity.

If you are interested, please contact Kathy Hunter by email at or call her at 654-1155 ext 230.

Parade is at 10 a.m. – you would need to be available from 9:30 a.m. until about 11am.

POAResidents/Members (From Ruthie Millar)

I  am working with Ms. Dana Phan on a research study at CU. Ms. Phan needs 50 participants for her study so I wanted to reach out to the POA to see if there were any property owners who were interested in assisting. I attached the flier with the details of the study.  See the flyer attached (highlighted web address). P (864) 654-1155 x 274

Clemson University Research Study

For Rent

Single family home at 42 Hickory Way.  Two bedrooms, two baths, single car garage, attic storage, a sunroom and a gas fireplace.  No smoking and no pets.  Contact Patsy Nutt-803-530-9114, or

POA Residents/Members,(From Linda Cocke)

Do you ever have extra flowers from your garden and wondered what you could do with them. A bouquet of them would be welcome and would brighten the reception area of Health Care.

POA Residents, Members

Summer means a break from school and a chance to take a vacation – unfortunately, summer also provides opportunities for criminal activity in your neighborhoods. You can decrease the chance of becoming a victim this summer by following these tips:

  1. -Install lighting, such as motion lights or dusk to dawn detector lights, on your home’s exterior
  2. -Trim shrubbery around your home to eliminate hiding places
  3. -Do not leave bikes or mopeds unattended. Lock your bikes and mopeds, even if you are going to be away for only a few moments
  4. -Be aware of your surroundings and those around you when you walk, jog, or bike
  5. -Install a locking mailbox, stop your mail services through the post office or ask a neighbor to pick up your mail when on vacation
  6. -Get to know your neighbors! Let a trusted neighbor know if you are planning to travel this summer. Neighbors who know each other look out for each other.

POA Residents/Members,

Some of you may have seen this on Nextdoor but I am sending to all who have email. Please share with a neighbor if they do not have a computer.

From the Law Enforcement Victim Advocate Debra Shockley, Clemson Police Department
When you have lived at the same address for a number of years, you rarely pay any attention to your house numbers (address).
For Police Officers, EMS, and Fire that may be responding to your house in the event of an emergency, your house numbers are what they are looking for.  Make it a point, to LOOK at your numbers to see if:
-All of the numbers are still there
-They are Large enough to be seen easily from the street
-Any landscape vegetation has grown over them limiting there visibility
If you can see them, So can we…Thank YOU!

POA Residents/Members,(From Linda Cocke)

The CDPOA directory is now available online and will be updated as soon as new residents move in or current residents move out. You can find the link to the directory on the CDPOA website ( or under Our Community.

When you reach the directory page, you will be asked to enter a password (this prevents anyone outside the CDPOA from accessing the directory). Please contact  Linda Cocke to obtain the password.  Please do not share this password with anyone who is not a Clemson Downs Property Owner. We will not share the directory information with anyone outside CDPOA.

There are two directories–one organized by last name and one organized by street address. The revision date of the directory is listed on the directory page. You can download the latest edition of the directory if you wish.

POA Residents/Members,SCAM Alert (From Linda Cocke)

A  young woman that I know posted that a woman came to her door the other day supposedly representing AT&T. Since this couple had inquired about bundling with Direct TV she thought her husband had talked with someone and that this lady was following up. When the “AT&T” woman informed her that a credit check would be run she was asked for her SSN. Someone else has posted about a man doing the same thing in Camelot. Both of them even had on orange shirts with AT&T on them but had no ID other than calling some number on their phone and giving a name & number.

Do not let them in your home and do not give them any personal information.  If you have any questions concerning AT&T or any other company you may be talking to, make the call to the company yourself. Do not assume that the person or number they have called is legit.

Please share with anyone who does not have email.

POA Residents/Members,


1. Have recycling bin at curbside by 7:00 a.m. on collection day and remove from street by sundown on collection day.

2. All recyclables must be placed in your recycle bin.

3. Acceptable material:

No. 1 & No. 2 Plastic and All No. 1 Plastics
All No. 2 HDPE/ milk jugs only
All tin cans and aluminum cans
Glass(brown, green, and clear)
Leave all labels on containers
Rinse all items and remove caps/lids from all containers


All plastic 1-5 accepted. (Look on the bottom of the plastic containers to find the number)
White or colored computer printout.
White or colored ledger paper.
White or colored letter head/business forms and copy paper.
Telephone books, message pads, envelopes, magazines, and junk mail.

Used oil can be placed at curbside on the same day as your regular garbage pick up. Call the Public Works Department 864.653.2053 and request an oil recycle container. This container is placed under your vehicle to allow the oil to drain directly into it as it drains from your vehicle. Turn the oil filter upside down in the oil recycle container to allow the oil to drain from the filter. Once it has drained wrap the oil filter in a plastic bag and sit it on top of the oil container at curbside. An empty one will be left in its place, if one is available on the recycle truck.


POA Residents/Members,(From Linda Cocke)

Clemson Downs Volunteers would like to find some folks to help organize the CDV store. This would be arranging items on shelves, unpacking boxes, and sorting out items to take to a thrift store.

POA Resients/Members, (From Ann Fuhr)

The following is sent on behalf of the Landscape Committee – Members: Ann Fuhr, Jan Gallaher, Martha Grigsby, Eric Snider, Alden Valentine, Harold Olson

Designated Yard Waste Areas: One is near Downs Blvd and Bayberry and is bordered by tea olive bushes. Please place branches and trimmings inside that area. Leaves are to be deposited outside this marked area and to the left of the tea olives. Please do not place leaves on top of tea olive shrubs. The other option for your yard waste is on the left at the end of Downs Loop or on your own property. These sites are for POA homeowners and CARC. Please remind your private contractors that they must remove all yard waste they create from the Downs Community.

In examining water situations, it has been noted that many of those with water problems have gutters that need to be cleaned out and /or gutter spouts that shoot gushing water directly into their yards when it rains. Please make sure your downspouts are properly emptying water from your gutters away from your house using attachments designed to slowly release the water; or place rain barrels at the end of downspouts to collect the water. Much of the yard water that remains after rainfall is there because the yard has been flooded by the open downspouts or over-irrigated and the soil is wet to begin with.    Please keep storm drains near your home free of leaves and other debris. Nothing is to go into storm drains except water.
If you are a homeowner and want some ideas about your plants or shrubs, Master Gardeners and at least one retired Forestry professor are in the POA and are glad to help you. Thank you to all the homeowners who are doing their part to keep this community looking attractive.

POA Residents/Members,(From Linda Cocke)

Since we have several new residents, this is a good time to remind all our members that they can take advantage of two CARC services that are open to POA members.

The Bistro at the far end of the dining hall is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4 to 7 and serves appetizers, soups, salads and sandwiches.

We are also welcome to attend the weekly Friday movie at 2 m in the large room at the Corley Center. Many of you may particularly be interested in the movie on February 23rd, Victoria and Abdul with Judi Dench as an aging Victoria. List of movies each month is in the CARC Newsletter.

POA Residents/Members,

Volunteers are desperately needed for the health center. Places are available as receptionists, servers in the Sun Room, visitors and water pourers Positions are also available in Assisted Living. All of these can done once a week, once a month, two hour or three hour shifts. These positions provide each server with a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, make friends or visit with old friends, and make life a little more interesting for those who are not as free. The work is relatively easy, but the reward is priceless. If interested please call or text Wendy Longo, phone 864-722-5477 or  e-mail at                       < >.

POA Residents & Members,

There have been a few questions regarding who can ride the CARC van. POA residents can ride the CARC van to events provided there are empty seats. There are no other restrictions.

POA Residents & Members,

The following is from John Gilreath, Chair of the Architecutral Review Committee.

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) of the Clemson Downs Property Owners Association (CDPOA) wishes to remind all of the residents that any construction, additions, modifications, or maintenance on houses must be reviewed by the ARC and approved by the CDPOA Board before these changes may be started. This includes, among other changes, repainting (even the same color), re-roofing, replacing gutters, repairing siding, replacing/repairing mailbox posts, etc. The form for requesting approval of work to be done can be downloaded from the web site ( or or may be obtained from the chairman of the ARC (1022 Keystone Lane, 654-4300) or a member of the ARC. The vast majority of requests are approved readily by the Board at its meeting on the second Tuesday of the month, but the requests must be made nonetheless.

Reminder: The ARC meets the Thursday prior to the monthly (second Tuesday) CDPOA Board meeting

POA Residents/Members,

Please remember that dog walkers should not allow their pets to “pee or poop” on other homeowners property. If the dogs need to do their business, walk them around your own property first. Some property owners do not want dogs to use their yards even if it is picked up. In addition, dog urine can be toxic to plants and grass.
A lot of this may be from dog walkers that are from neighboring communities.  This would also fall under the category of respecting other people’s property.

POA ResidentsMembers

If CDPOA members wish, they may advertise their homes for sale on the website. There may be other houses available for sale, but this site lists only those that have been submitted to the webmaster by a CDPOA member or family member.

To submit an advertisement for your home sale, contact Walt Castro at or Anne Snider at Please provide a flyer or a narrative, highlighting the features of the home together with interior and exterior photographs.

POA Residents/Members,(From Landscaping Committee)

As part of the Storm Drain consortium, the City of Clemson will be giving markers to neighborhoods to be placed in front of each storm drain. These small, unobtrusive markers, which will be glued directly to the street, will encourage us to keep all our storm drains clear so when the rains come, they can do their job. The CARC maintenance department will place the signs for us, but we can do our part by making certain all storm drains are kept open. Please locate one of the 21+ storm drains close to your home, and help us all by making sure drain is kept open and free from debris, including leaves, paper, yard clippings, pine needles, etc. Thank you for your support.

POA Residents/Members,(From Ann Fuhr)

Doing some early spring cleaning? Box up your items and CD volunteers will come fetch. Furniture, too. Have some treasures ? We provide tax forms for your record of donations. Your contributions help the volunteers provide for needs in assisted living and health care at CARC. That, along with Volunteer hours, helps keep costs down for CARC residents . Call Susan Sitaraman 633-9032. or Ann Fuhr 888-7321 for pick up or information.

DID YOU KNOW?—The Clemson Downs Volunteers have equipment to loan to assist all residents in their disability needs or as they recover from surgery. We have wheelchairs, porta-potties, walkers, canes, transfer chairs, knee scooters etc. on loan for your use when needed. Do you have similar equipment you wish to donate? Call the numbers given above.  Thank you all for your support of the volunteers and the store.