Please submit reminders or other appropriate items that may be of interest to the Clemson Downs property owners to Walt Castro at

POA Residents/Members, (From CDPOA Social Committee) 03/20/2023

The call for appetizers for the Spring Dinner was amply rewarded.  We have enough for our party.  Many thanks to the volunteers.

Thank you!: Fran Moseley, Scarlett Thayer and Nancy Portnow

POA Residents/Members, (From Social Committee) 03/11/2023
We have scheduled the POA Spring Dinner for Tuesday, April 18th.  The affair starts at 5:15 with appetizers – to encourage mingling and meeting people new to the POA.  Please make out checks to CDPOA. Fliers have been circulated with details. Please plan to attend.

Nancy Portnow
Scarlett Thayer
Fran Moseley

POA Residents/Members, ( From Bill Dowler. CARC Foundation President) 12/19/2022

The Clemson Area Retirement Center Foundation Inc. (CARC Foundation) has enjoyed another successful year. We saw the completion of the initial phase of the Garden for Tranquility, have had visits from four architects interested in bidding on the renovation of the “Spot,” and have added sound baffles to the Corley Center to improve sound quality. 
One of the primary purposes of the Foundation is to aid individuals at the Downs who may run short of finances. We have set aside a modest reserve for this endeavor, but with increasing costs, the current reserve would be of limited assistance.  We are asking for donations to increase this reserve so that we might be of significant help to residents when needed. Additional funds are also needed to enable the Foundation to take on other projects to enhance the lives of our residents.

The Foundation is a recognized 501c3 non-profit organization, so all donations are tax-deductible. Make checks payable to CARC Foundation and mail them to P. O. Box 503, Clemson, SC  29633.  Checks may also be mailed to Bill Dowler, 150 Downs Blvd, Apt. B-205, Clemson, SC  29631. We also accept stock as a donation. 
Please call Bill Dowler (864-654-5708), Lance Bell (864-722-5066), or Dick Hall
(864-980-4625) if you have any questions.  Thanks for your consideration. 

POA Residents/Members, (From Virginia Baird, Chair Commons Properties Committee) 10/22/2022

The garden house at the gazebo is closed for the season. You can still reserve the gazebo for an event–contact Karen McAlister to reserve the gazebo.

POA Residents/Members, (From Virginia Baird, Common Properties Committee) 09/03/2021

The property on the far side of Downs Blvd. belongs to the Country Walk Subdivision. Only limbs that have fallen from the trees on that side of Downs Blvd. should be stacked on this property for pickup by the City.
Any limbs, brush, or grass clippings removed by residents should be taken to the area at the end of Bayberry on the far side of the concrete pad reserved for these items. The only contractors allowed to use this site are those hired by CARC and CDPOA for common property.
A schedule for brush pickup is located on the City website at
This site can also be accessed at the City of Clemson Public Works menu website at “Brush Pickup Dashboard.” Pickup is approximately every 3 weeks unless there is storm damage that creates an unusual amount of brush.
Please do not put brush or clippings on the mulch piles at the end of Downs Loop. This mulch is used in the Woodland Walk.

Fall and Winter Leaf Pickup begins in October and will be over at approximately the end of February.

  • Loose leaves are picked up by the vacuum truck but bagged leaves will have to wait for brush pickup.
  • Loose leaves should be left within 10 feet of the street and long rows are better than large piles.
  • Please do not mix anything with the leaves.

  • Do not pile your leaves around power poles, telephone and cable pedestals, or over water meters or sewer manholes. The machine will suck the lids off and damage the machine.

Additional information on leaf pickup and mosquito fogging can be located on the City’s Public Works website at Season Schedule or
Virginia D. Baird864-650-5600

POA Residents/Members, (From Anne Snider) 02/28/2021 Please remember that when a contractor works in your yard, the waste they generate is not to be taken to the yard waste disposal site at the end of Bayberry. That site is only for POA residents who generate their own yard waste. Also, please don’t leave piles of leaves in the medians or near storm drains, as the leaves will cause the storm drains to back up and flood your yard or your neighbor’s yard. Thank you for helping keep our neighborhood looking good!