Please submit reminders or other appropriate items that may be of interest to the Clemson Downs property owners to Walt Castro at

POA Residents/Members, (From Eunice Rowell) 09 /18/21

This is a reminder that the Vaccine Boosters originally scheduled for Monday, September 20th, are on hold right now as the CDC has not yet given clarification as who exactly is eligible and when.  This information is required before a plan can be developed.  Drs. Swan and Tolbert are dealing with the moving parts of setting up a team to administer the injections and when to proceed.  All POA members will be advised thru an email from the POA just as soon as the information is available. However, you may be able to get the Injection through local pharmacies sooner than a clinic can be established through the POA and that’s perfectly ok if you decide to get it through another source.  Kaye Hickman is the POA point of contact with Dr. Swan for the booster clinic.
So, Don’t forget – your appointment for tomorrow has been cancelled until further notice.  

POA Residents/members, (From Susan Robinette, ARC Chair) 09/16/2021

For several weeks, your ARC has been compiling a list of those who needed a little reminder about their mailboxes, side garage doors, etc.  We put a reminder in the COMMUNICATOR.  We then composed a letter, stuffed the envelopes, and were out delivering those letters this afternoon.  And we were so pleased and gratified to find that many of you had already fixed your mailboxes, etc…!!!.   When we noticed the repair, your letter went in the circular file!! If you did receive a letter, we hope you will read it and repair the noted issue.

The ARC would like to THANK YOU for your fabulous cooperation and to also ask your forgiveness if you received a letter marked with an issue you have already corrected.  We are truly blessed here with our community, and your ARC members are so thankful for each and every one of you!


Ben Crosland, Betty DiTommaso, LeAnna Little, Wendy Longo, Eunice Rowell and Susan Robinette

POA Residents/Members, (From Susan Robinette, ARC) 09/14/2021

A year or so ago, some residents paid Reno Wilson to fix or add their flyer slots attached to their mailboxes.  Today, some of the staples on those flyer slots are failing. If you need to call him, his number is 506-4021.

POA Residents/Members, (From Ruthie Millar) 09/08/2021

We appreciate your patience and understanding these past few weeks and we are happy to announce that The Bistro is now open at Clemson Downs and we look forward to serving all of our friends from the POA. We will continue the normal hours unless otherwise noted. Please join us for a delicious dinner on Tues. Weds. and Thurs. from 4-7.

Thank you and please stay safe,

Congratulations to Gary & Kathryn Newkirk (14 Birch Place) as the September “Yard of the Month” recipients.

POA Residents/Members, (From Virginia Baird, Common Properties Committee) 09/03/2021

The property on the far side of Downs Blvd. belongs to the Country Walk Subdivision. Only limbs that have fallen from the trees on that site of Downs Blvd. should be stacked on this property for pickup by the City.
Any limbs, brush or grass clippings removed by residents should be taken to the area at the end of Bayberry on the far side of the concrete pad reserved for these items. The only contractors allowed to use this site are those hired by CARC and CDPOA for common property.
A schedule for brush pickup is located on the City website at
This site can also be accessed at the City of Clemson Public Works menu website at “Brush Pickup Dashboard.” Pickup is approximately every 3 weeks unless there is storm damage that creates an unusual amount of brush.
Please do not put brush or clippings on the mulch piles at the end of Downs Loop. This mulch is used in the Woodland Walk.

Fall and Winter Leaf Pickup begins in October and will be over at approximately the end of February.

  • Loose leaves are picked up by the vacuum truck but bagged leaves will have to wait for brush pickup.
  • Loose leaves should be left within 10 feet of the street and long rows are better than large piles.
  • Please do not mix anything with the leaves.

  • Do not pile your leaves around power poles, telephone and cable pedestals, or over water meters or sewer manholes. The machine will suck the lids off and damage the machine.

Additional information on leaf pickup and mosquito fogging can be located on the City’s Public Works website at Season Schedule or
Virginia D. Baird864-650-5600

POA Residents/Members, (From Eunice Rowell) 09/03/2021

Drs. Swan and Tolbert and their staff have encountered some logistical conflicts in providing Covid booster vaccines to the POA. Please continue to let Kaye Hickman know if you are interested and stand by for updates.  The date and times will probably change.  I will update you as soon as details are firm.

POA Residents/Members,(From Anne Snider) 08/29/2021

Besides the many beautiful trees and yards and the nature trail known as Woodland Walk, Clemson Downs has many amenities to offer its residents. 
Did you know…
…there is a “library” of health aids that the Clemson Downs volunteers maintain? If you need to borrow a walker, wheelchair, transfer bench, etc., contact Ann Fuhr (864-888-7321) and she will deliver it to you.
Did you know……members of the POA get together every First Friday of the month from 4-6 pm for conversation and sharing of hors d’oeuvres? Bring your beverage of choice, wear your name tag, and bring an appetizer to share. It’s a great chance to meet new neighbors.
Did you know…
…we have a gazebo picnic area in the center of the neighborhood that can be reserved for events? The Gazebo has been a venue for POA meetings, bridge groups, book clubs, birthday parties, memorial services, small family gatherings, picnics, and spontaneous get-togethers for happy hour, breakfast coffees, First Friday POA  parties, and just for friendly conversation. In fact, starting September 11 and for every Clemson home game thereafter (except on Saturdays when a breakfast program is planned), residents are invited to gather at the Gazebo and Bring Your Own breakfast for a tailgating celebration. Those dates are September 11, October 2, October 30, and November 13.

The Gazebo and furnishings and Garden House were built by the Bacher family,  who own Clemson’s  “All In Café” and “Swings and Thing” in Westminster. Residents Frank Pauley and Martha Grigsby were instrumental in raising money to have the Gazebo built. Some of the later donations went to put in the paver walkway that leads to the granite bench. Many contributors have their names on the path and on the bench. After Clemson University landscape architecture students surveyed residents about needs and dreams, it was discovered that the reason many did not use the Gazebo area was that there was no bathroom close by. That situation was remedied in 2019 with the addition of the Garden House, which was entirely paid for by private donations and contains a ‘state of the art’ eco-friendly toilet, much like those in upscale motor homes. The Garden House also contains a closet for items for maintenance of the Gazebo, tablecloths for parties, and donated happy artwork by our own Joe Merck.
The Gazebo is located off the path on Downs Loop just beyond Birch Place and can also be accessed on the Common Property path off Birch Place. Now that we have received our second vaccinations and the weather is starting to cool a little, POA members are free to use this space at leisure.  Please contact Ann Fuhr (864-888-7321) for reservations for private gatherings or meetings.  

POA Residents/Members, (From Anne Snider, Communications Committee) 08/26/2021


 Clemson Downs had hoped that we would be able to set up a Covid-19 booster shot clinic similar to the vaccine clinic that we held in December, January and February. 

After conversation with Walgreens, they state that they do not have the manpower to provide that service to Clemson Downs and/ or the POA.  They further state that at this time the booster shot is only available to those that meet the criteria for being considered high risk and or/ immunocompromised.  Due to your age group and for many of you, your medical history, our contact at Walgreens felt that almost everyone at Clemson Downs would qualify.

 Things to know:

1.    The booster shot is highly recommended by the CDC to ensure maximum protection form Covid-19.  If you are unsure if you want to/ should take the booster, consult your physician.

2.    Your booster shot must be the same “brand” as your original vaccine.  If you received your vaccine during one of our shot clinics then you received the Moderna vaccine so your booster shot must be the Moderna booster.  If your original vaccination was Pfizer or Johnson and Johnson then that is the booster you will need.

3.    You can go on-line and check Walgreens, CVS, Ingles, Publix and Walmart locally to see who has the Moderna booster (or whatever brand you may need) and whether you need to make an appointment or can walk-in.

4.    Be sure to take your vaccination card with you so that you have documentation of having received the booster shot.

5.    CARC residents please let Administration know when you have received your booster.

POA Residents/Members, (From Ruthie Millar, CARC) 08/26/2021

There will be a meeting of the Alzheimer’s/Dementia Bereavement Support Group on Wednesday,  September 15th at 2 PM in the Corley Center at Clemson Downs.   You are invited to come for a time of sharing and coping. Masks are required during the meeting.

Questions,  contact Gail Marion at 654-5461.

POA Residents/Members, (From Kathy McGee) 06/09/2021

Clemson Downs Volunteers are looking for people willing to spend a few hours manning the desk at the Health Care Center. Please call Karen Ware at the number below if you can help. Thank you!

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 11.56.31 AM downs vol help.png

POA Residents/Members. (From Susan Robinette, Chair ARC) 04/17/2021This is a courtesy “Heads Up” from your CDPOA Board. Please be aware of the following: Clemson Downs homeowners frequently sell their homes directly to buyers without the aid of a professional. Many are unaware of their obligation to deliver to their buyer a South Carolina Property Owners’ Disclosure Statement. There is a link below to the document. Failure to present this document could result in a lawsuit, especially if what you have told the prospective buyer about your home is inaccurate (ignorance may not qualify as an excuse). The required document is very thorough and covers a multitude of information about the property being sold. South Carolina has recently added a section covering roofs. Please be advised of this important requirement if you are planning to sell your home.  If you aren’t considering selling in the near future, it will be wise to keep accurate records of all aspects of maintenance to your home.

POA Residents/Members, (From Anne Snider) 04/12/2021

We have all experienced an overabundance of rain this season. However, we want to inform you that it is illegal to direct excess water (any source) from your property onto a neighbor’s property. There is a HEFTY FINE for doing so!  According to Article V, Stormwater Management Ordinance Division 4, it is illegal to direct water from your property to your neighbor’s property, known as “illicit discharges.” Please be a good neighbor and refrain from (or correct) this. Thank you.

POA Residents/Members, (From Anne Snider) 02/28/2021Please remember that when a contractor works in your yard, the waste they generate is not to be taken to the yard waste disposal site at the end of Bayberry. That site is only for POA residents who generate their own yard waste. Also, please don’t leave piles of leaves in the medians or near storm drains, as the leaves will cause the storm drains to back up and flood your yard or your neighbor’s yard. Thank you for helping keep our neighborhood looking good!

POA Residents/Members,


1. Have recycling bin at curbside by 7:00 a.m. on collection day and remove from street by sundown on collection day.
2. All recyclables must be placed in your recycle bin.
3. Acceptable material:
No. 1 & No. 2 Plastic and All No. 1 Plastics
All No. 2 HDPE/ milk jugs only
All tin cans and aluminum cans
Glass(brown, green, and clear)
Leave all labels on containers
Rinse all items and remove caps/lids from all containers

All plastic 1-5 accepted. (Look on the bottom of the plastic containers to find the number)
White or colored computer printout.
White or colored ledger paper.
White or colored letterhead/business forms and copy paper.
Telephone books, message pads, envelopes, magazines, and junk mail.

Used oil can be placed at curbside on the same day as your regular garbage pick up. Call the Public Works Department at 864.653.2053 and request an oil recycling container. This container is placed under your vehicle to allow the oil to drain directly into it as it drains from your vehicle. Turn the oil filter upside down in the oil recycle container to allow the oil to drain from the filter. Once it has drained wrap the oil filter in a plastic bag and sit it on top of the oil container at the curbside. An empty one will be left in its place if one is available on the recycle truck.