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Article V of Restrictive Covenants for Clemson Downs Property Owners Association (CDPOA) establishes the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).   The ARC is charged with regulating external design appearance for new construction as well as improvements to existing structures, as described in these Architectural Guidelines.

Article V, Section 3 of the Restrictive Covenants specifies that before any new construction or external modifications to existing structures is started, the owner is to submit written details of any proposed project to the ARC for approval as described in these Guidelines.

Article IV, A, Section 2 paragraph 3 of the By-Laws of CDPOA establishes the procedure for the approval process.  The Board of Directors is authorized to approve or reject recommendations of the ARC.  Applications are submitted to the ARC for review prior to making a recommendation to the CDPOA Board.

Applications are site specific.  Similar modifications to structures at other addresses cannot be used as precedent for approval.  Guidelines are reviewed every two years to reflect current needs.  Applications received before the first Thursday of the month will be reviewed by the ARC at their regularly scheduled meeting.  The ARC will forward their decisions in response to all written formal applications to the CDPOA Board of Directors for final action at their regularly scheduled meeting on the second Tuesday of each month.  Homeowner applicants should not purchase materials, engage contractors or initiate work before a positive Board determination is made.  Applicant participation in the decision making process must be with the ARC.

These Architectural Guidelines are not intended to constrain the ARC in exercising its responsibility to fulfill the intent of the Covenant and the By-Laws.  If there is any question about the need to obtain approval, a completed application should be submitted to the ARC in a timely manner.  Applications in response to emergencies can be submitted at any time for prompt resolution.  Questions regarding the completion of the Application can be answered by the chair of the ARC or any Committee member.  This process insures the continuity of architectural standards that give strong support to maintaining property values, and facilitating property transfers.  Cooperation of all homeowners is appreciated.


  • Hip or gable roofs are permitted (but not in the same elevation).
  • 6 vertical by 12 horizontal pitch preferred.  5 x 12 permitted.
  • Overhangs of 24” required.  This measurement is from outside face of wall to outside edge of roof.
  • Gable or rake overhangs to be 12” minimum.
  • Shingles are to be in dark tones of brown or gray, according to the siding color.
  • Townhouse shingles should be the same color within the same building.
  • All roof mounted appliances or yard mounted equipment should be located to be as unobtrusive as possible, consistent with operational requirements.
  • Requests for solar panel installation will be considered on a case-by-case basis but will not be permitted in an case on the street side of the roof nor will leased panels be allowed.


  • Exterior walls to be clad with rough sawn boards of wood or Hardy Board type material With 8” exposure with overlap.
  • Soffits to be 3/8” rough sawn plywood with 2” or 3” continuous vent or perforated vinyl in the same color as the house trim.
  • Fascia to be 1”x 8” one piece, in the same color as the siding.
  • Exterior walls shall be at least 60% brick in each elevation (excluding windows and doors)
  • Exterior brick veneer for modifications to be compatible with existing style and color.
  • Selection of materials for new construction shall conform to existing overall POA colors.


  • Windows to be traditional double-hung (preferred) or casements.
  • Painted wood, fiberglass and metal-clad windows are permitted in darker shades of tan, brown or gray.  Vinyl windows are permitted in almond (tan) for use with brown siding and white for use with gray siding.  Window frames and trim are to be the same color as the siding.
  • Garages to have flush or raised panel finish (rough sawn or other surface textures),
  • Fiberglass or metal overhead doors.  ARC must approve inclusion of windows in garage Doors.


  • If installed, gutters shall be seamless aluminum with 3”x4” downspouts and match exterior trim color.


  • Exterior wood walls to be painted in shades of tan, brown or gray.  Manufacturers color chip is to be included with applications for new construction as well as modification.
  • Repainting with same color as existing does need approval by the ARC.
  • Exterior trim to be painted in darker shades of tan, brown or gray.  Manufacturers color chip is to be included with applications for new construction as well as modification.
  • Note:  If painted metal or vinyl clad windows are used, all components to be in the same color, and paint or stain shall match.


Driveways and walkways to be concrete for all new houses.  Replacement of, or additions to, existing driveways or parking areas to be concrete.  Textured surface treatment or concrete painting of driveway to be submitted with color samples as maintenance item.


Patios, decks, retaining walls, parking pads, walkways or other external revisions are included in the scope of these guidelines.


  • Frieze larger than 2” wide
  • Glass Brick
  • Large bay windows in front or side elevations
  • Picture windows in front or side elevations
  • Non-brick masonry products
  • Shed roofs
  • Hip roof and gable roof elements in same elevations
  • Columns supporting overhanging roof in from or side elevations
  • Storage space with exterior door(s) on front or side elevations
  • Free standing buildings other than main structure
  • Unfinished metal on roof surfaces
  • Fences, such as chain link, etc., are generally not permitted.  However, the ARC might approve privacy walls (such as brick) in front yards as well as privacy walls and screens in the rear if appropriate.
  • Under no circumstances are solar panels permitted on the front of the roof or in the yard.  Requests for mounting solar panels elsewhere must be recommended by the ARC and approved by the CDPOA Board.


This is a specific Design Criteria for the three townhouses with developer-located front heat pump installations.  These units have rough sawn cedar horizontal screens or Hardy type materials and are grandfathered as to their present designs.  These unit screens are to be maintained as designed.  If they are changed, they shall be replaced with brick walls, or the heat pump to be moved to the rear of the structure and existing screening removed.


Changes to ARC approved plans for all new construction, additions to existing structures or modifications subsequent to ARC approval are to be resubmitted to the ARC for approval.


Applications are to be made in the name of the homeowner.  If a legal representative of the owner is the contact point, the application is still made in the owner’s name, If the application is made in anticipation of sale, any broker or sales agent involved should receive copies of these guidelines.

Completed applications should be submitted to a member of the ARC by the first Thursday of the month. This will permit action by the CDPOA Board at their next monthly meeting.

Emergency applications will be considered on an as-needed basis. Work on approved applications can only begin with CDPOA Board action. Disapproved applications can be appealed to the CDPOA Board through written request within 60 days of ARC disapproval.

Reasons for applications held for further review will be documented and reviewed with the homeowner by the ARC.  Purchasing of materials, engaging contractors, or any initiation of work should be withheld until acceptance by the CDPOA Board is complete.

The Chair of the ARC will maintain a log of all written applications, with disposition results and references to submitted samples.

Where applicable, City of Clemson codes are to be followed.  Application to the CDPOA does not relieve the owner’s responsibility for code conformance.  Application for a building permit with the City of Clemson will clarify when code provisions are applicable.

Samples to be included with application as appropriate:

  • Brick selection from distributors sample board
  • Paint chip for house and trim colors including manufacturer’s color code
  • Window and door frame manufacturer’s identification, or paint chip
  • Roof shingles including manufacturer’s reference
  • Concrete finishes if modification to standard poured mix is proposed

The Architectural Review Committee Request form, dated November 2009, and revised January 2014 and September 2017, is the approved format for submitted applications and is available on the CDPOA website.


In the event a property owner violates the guidelines, covenants, and/or by-laws and refuses to comply with remedies as stated by the ARC and CDPOA Board of Directors, the Board may submit the matter to arbitration and/or take legal action.
Revised 2017